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Discover hidden clues to your highest potential in this ever-evolving game of life.



What if there is a fundamental pattern exploring the intersection of Free Will & Destiny? What if this code was able to show you a way to live, every day, to your highest potential? Akasha: a Game of Life invites you to go inward to better show up in the world. Together we can reflect upon our shadows and challenges in order to rise into our extraordinary gifts and talents.

Through community interaction you’ll be invited to show up in your everyday reality with the creative power and freedom to express your highest self.

The Oracle

Throughout the game, you will receive encoded messages specifically designed for you. By entering your date and place of birth, the Oracle will create a series of clues to help you discover the Keys to your extraordinary nature.

Powered by The Gene Keys, Akasha: a Game of Life is a step-by-step journey into embodying your higher potential. The Oracle will challenge, guide, and support you on your path to greatness.

The Assemblage

Akasha: a Game of Life is hosted by The Assemblage, a coworking, coliving and community space in New York City for those who believe in doing well by doing good. The Assemblage has created this game to share opportunities for revelation and collaboration on a global scale, while simultaneously host real-world events at its revolutionary hubs in Manhattan. Players of the Game will be invited to attend programming at the Assemblage to deepen the experience, strengthen community, and support one another in our pursuit of the extraordinary.

Ready to join

By registering with your birth time and location the Oracle will present you with a series of clues and adventures to guide you throughout your hero's journey. Are you ready to play?


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