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What is Akasha?


The Gene Keys

Akasha: a Game of Life is powered by a body of work known as the Gene Keys. The Gene Keys, written by Richard Rudd, represent the fundamental wisdom transmission hidden inside the messages of the Oracle. You can learn more about the Gene Keys Teachings and its global community of support at

The Assemblage

The Assemblage is a coworking, coliving and community space in New York City for those who believe in doing well by doing good. The Assemblage has created Akasha to share opportunities for revelation and collaboration on a global scale, while simultaneously host real-world events at its revolutionary community hubs in Manhattan.

Community Circles

The Assemblage hosts in-person and online community circle events, inspired by the Akasha content. These gatherings offer individuals a chance to connect deeper with other like-minded beings in safe, intimate, guided conversations about facing one’s challenges and living an extraordinary life.
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Overtime, Akasha will unlock different internal and external adventures designed specifically for you. These adventures may be questions to contemplate or actions to take out in your everyday reality. Each adventure is an opportunity to choose to embody your higher potential.


Follow the Clues
Live the Adventure
And Discover Your Genius
in this ever evolving game of life.


  • Go Higher

    We believe in making a commitment to personal transformation, both individually and collectively.
  • Be Of Service

    We believe in contributing our skills, experience and expertise to others as a way to finding our own purpose. We believe in getting out of our own ego to unlock our creative genius.
  • Do Well By Doing Good

    We believe in making a living as a function of positive impact on others, and exploring the highest service our lives can offer to the whole.

Ready to join

By registering with your birth time and location the Oracle will present your life's purpose and guide you throughout your hero's journey to fulfillment.